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I hasted out from the house. I grabbed a taxi and requested him to head towards our school. I have to attend an exam today and I didn’t complete anything. I was looking for answer and sums Sir practiced in class. Then I started one of the exercise in binomial. I wasted ten minutes doing each sum but none of them were correct. “What am I going to do in exam?” I cried.

“Can I help you?” I heard a voice of an old man beside me.
“Ah! I didn’t notice you” I replied.
“Ok, show me, what’s your problem” he said

He looked as if he was a preacher. I know I am done. I had always tried to skip from the eyes of these people. You know, they will waste hours after hours teaching you what’s good and what’s wrong.

“Uhh! I am doing math” I replied. He took the book and note from me. He worked as if he knew it. Surprisingly, he did. He solved my problems and his answers matched with the book. Eventually we fall into discussion in our way. He solved all the problems I had. It gave me a relief and I could walk to the examination hall calmly.

It was unexpected to get see such knowledge inside a preacher. I found a quality inside him which I tried to follow. I wrote my exam in a cool head and in well awareness of the topic like never before. I prayed to Almighty before the exam as he suggested. Results were worthy.

Fortunately, I met him after a week in the school park. He was busy in imagining how the place will be after 20 years. “This river will be covered with a bridge maybe. They should have created a field here with benches on the side. Poor, I am not an engineer anymore…….” , he talked to himself.

I met many scholars and countless professors. All of them are limited to some facts. But what I found in him is that he could think extraordinarily. Now after years I can start doing something where somebody stopped.

“What do you want to be in your life?”, he asked suddenly.
“Yeah, I don’t know”, I nervously replied.

Then, he started talking about setting goals. He taught me how to plan and set other sub-plans. This didn’t impress at that early age though, I am getting all these now. Now I am standing as the CEO of Google and it was his aim about me. He realized me why it was important to obtain a distinctive mark in IGCSE and how it will affect the next step of education. Its him who influenced me greatly, maybe he have passed away by now and I don’t even know his name.

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