A Great Adventure

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We're stucked at the middle of nowhere, sideways are covered by the trees hanging over the roads. We were destined to reached at Shahpur but perhaps Bruce have mistaken his route and in te same time, the car's fuel is over. I made a call to my father.

"Hello Dad, we're stucked on our way. The car is out of fuel!", I started the conversation.

"Oh! You should have refilled before nah?", he replied.

"Well, we didn't see any power station on our way."

"So what do I do?", he hesitated. "Let me inform the nearby police station. I am  heading there within an hour", he added.

There was no outcome of that. We waited the whole night receiving and dialling calls. We had enough snacks to keep us strong then. We decided to wait no more and find  a way ourselves. We took an entry to the forest from the right hand side.

The place was rough. There was no path where we could walk smoothly. Bruce was interested in getting the fruits on the trees and he climbed and got it all alone. We wasted half of the day managing foods. We had no intention to return to the car in night. We left a letter there about what we are supposed to do. We moved far ahead but failed to see any sign of human beings. So we tried to manage leaves, woods to make shelter and most importantly set the fire.

The next thing that I remember is the other day when I woke up. I didn't realize how I slept. I woke up Bruce too and hurrily started to build a ragt as planned last night.

We did it! We threw it to the river and in the name of Almight I tried to step on it.

"You go first", I felt unsafe.

He slowly stepped and succesfully sat. It was my turn and I hesitated again.

"Oh my God, its moving", I shouted.

"Its nothing, come one", Bruce replied.

I grabbed it firmly and sat on it. Bruce started bowing and it accelerated slowly. Soon it got its speed and it didn't obey the bow.

The raft was moving uncontrollably and it bumbed to left and right as it moved. The raft was breaking and we were losing position. Withing minutes it felt like we passed thousand metres.

"The rivers ends there! Move back! Move back!", I screamed.

A bump on the rock made me fall. I just had my hands hanging there. I closed my eyes and hope all this to be dream. A sudden thunder hit my arms.

When I opened my eyes, I was in a bed. It gave me a relief. I couldn't raise my arms and legs. Bruce was on the other bed. I saw my father's phone right beside my head. He saved us.

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