A fateful flight

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When the plane took its last run for takeoff, I noticed the flippers were not responding as I saw in my earlier flights. When an airport starts soaring up, time to time it flips its flippers to reduce the pressure but it was otherwise.

The hazards started this morning. When I reached Sydney airport with a one way ticket, the immigration officer refused me and declared that I must have a return ticket. I tried to explain that our team has to take part in two events in the current world cup cricket, Hamilton, New Zealand provided that they win the first match against New Zealand otherwise they will have to leave for Sydney for another match. So I couldn’t decide my return ticket. Still they wouldn’t listen. They insisted me to buy a ticket for any day. I was in a real fix. There is only an hour for the place to takeoff.

An officer came to me and listened to what I said. He managed a variable ticket for me which was vulnerable to change in exchange of 80 dollars only. I was pleased and boarded on the plane.

My mind was occupied with the hazards but it was soothed when I saw that I got a window-side seat. In most of my journeys I never forgot to book the window seat because you can see the outer world.

Frequently, I observed that the flippers as I saw in my previous flights. Everytime the plane was taking longer strides. I asked the air hostess.
“Is there anything wrong in the flight today?”
“No sir, everything is OK,” she answered.

Generally flights are prison for me. I cannot leave a note for my family in any accidents because there is no connectivity and no facing. Either burn into ask or watery grave. That’s all. We heard the captain’s announcement for landing. I became cautious and waited for a disaster to happen.

I watched the plane coming closes to the ground. But the flippers were locked. I just spoke louder than my voice that it couldn’t make it. Instead of pulled by gravity, it was jumping and bumping on the ground and leaving us in great surprise, its nose raised and it flew over the buildings as if to take off.

A hue and cry spread there. God was remembered in different forms and shapes. Sobs were heard. I felt the frequent jerk and saw the flippers to flip and shouted, this time it will make for it. Now, the voice became quiet. The plane took a U-turn and after 10 minutes we were at the ground. I touched the land when I step down but couldn’t take the oath, “I will never depart from you again.”

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