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Nelson Mandela was a South-African politician and a former President of South Africa. He was the first black chief excecutive and first elected in a democratic election. His government has been working to tackle racism, poverty and inequality.

He was against the Apartheid and he had been actively participating in politics in thirties. He claimed, he hoped to bring down the oppressive government and rebuild the country based on democracy, freedom and above all, equality. Committing to equality, Mandela said, "It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die." He had been imprisoned for 27 years for that. Three years later after the release he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Months later, he was elected as President.

Mandela had been dedicated to resolve poverty, war and conflicts throughout Africa. His greatest quotes says:

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  1. সে এতই দুর্বল যে হাঁটতে পারে না।

    > He is too weak to walk.
    > He is so weak that he cannot walk.

  2. জুতাগুল এত ছোট যে আমি পরতে পারি না।

    > The shoes are too small for me to wear.
    > The shoes are so small that I cannot wear.

  3. রিকশা ভাড়া দেয়ার মত যথেষ্ট টাকা আমার আছে।

    > I have enough money to pay the rickshaw puller
    > I have so much money that I can pay the rickshaw puller

  4. সে হেটে যাওয়ার জন্য যথেষ্ট শক্ত সমর্থ।

    > He is strong enough to go there by foot.          
            (enough + noun)
            (Adj + enough)

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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing astonishment....

  • drop a bombshell – if you drop a bombshell, you make an unexpected announcement which will greatly change a situation.
  • credibility gap – the extent of disbelief, of the difference between what you are asked to believe and what you are able to believe, is called credibility gap.
  • jaw drops – if someone’s jaw drops, they show total amazement.
  • jump out of one’s skin – if you jump out of your skin, you are extremely surprised or shocked.
  • words fail me – this expression is often used when someone is so shocked, surprised or touched by something that they don’t know what to say.
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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing happiness....

  • on cloud nine - A person who is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has happened.
  • like a dog with two tails – if someone is like a dog with two tails, they are extremely happy.
  • fool’s paradise - If someone is living in a fool's paradise, they are in a state of contentment that will not last because their happiness is based on illusion or false hope.
  • grin from ear to ear – if somebody grins from ear to ear, they look very satisfied and happy.
  • happy camper – someone who is a happy camper is generally content or satisfied with what is happening in their lives and no complaints.
  • happy as a flea in a doghouse – if someone is (as) happy as a flea in a doghouse, they are very happy and c ... Read more »
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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing fear....

  • jaw muscles were hardening – describe anxiety or fear
  • kept an anxious eye – be alert or conscious of
  • like a fallout shelter – like a place giving protection from danger
  • lowering sky – dark and threatening sky
  • staggered a little ways – continued to walk with weak, unsteady steps
  • stirring up their agonizing memories – brought about their painful memories
  • strident warning – having a loud, rough and unpleasant statement to caution
  • beads of sweat were standing out on his brow and forehead – drops of liquid formed on his brow and forehead because he felt hot or fearful
  • make your blood run cold – if something makes your blood run c ... Read more »
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This blog will contain few list of phrases expressing sadness....

  • a glazed look of despair – a dull, sad facial expression
  • a throng of busy bodies – a group of people who are curious or interfering into other people’s affairs
  • as plumb-less as a mid-ocean trench – not able to be understood, just like a long deep hole dug in the centre of the sea
  • heart palpitated tremendously – heart beat very fast
  • huffing and puffing – breathing in and out noisily
  • woeful voice – very sad or disappointing tone
  • cry one's eyes out – if you cry your eyes out, you cry a lot and for a long time.
  • down in the dumps – someone who is down in the dumps is depressed or feeling gloomy.
  • down in the mouth – w ... Read more »
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  • asked, consumed by curiosity – questioned out of a strong desire to know something
  • beads of sweat clinging to their foreheads – a lot of perspiration on their foreheads
  • briefly stole shoppers’ attention – caught the interest of shoppers for a short time
  • carved in my mind – formed deep memory
  • clotted with terror – filled with fear
  • concurred with – agreed with
  • gaining her equanimity – obtaining her calmness
  • gaped with horrified eyes – starred with the mouth and eyes wide open
  • hobbled as quickly as she could – moved with difficulty but as fast as she could
  • kept our eyes fixed on – focused on something
  • minutes seemed like days &ndash ... Read more »
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  • A lucrative shop – a shop that makes a large amount of money
  • Added in a hoarse voice – continued to say something in a rough and unpleasant sound
  • After being incarcerated – after being in prison
  • Incorrigible offenders – criminals who refuse to change their bad habits
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  • To stress the importance of the summit – to do something for something important.
  • At something’s heart – main deal.
  • Long-awaited – something you waited for a long time.
  • Induced by – influenced by.
  • Contentious activity – a work that cause too much argues and debate.
  • To curb their – to check something.
  • On the eve of something – on the beginning of anything.
  • Due to – because of.
  • Front-ranking – at the top rank (adj).
  • Take into account – to give importance.
  • Get in through the backdoor – to get something through unfair advantage.
  • To feel the picnk – to feel the importance of money.
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  • Arm to the teeth – be prepared.
  • Bark up the wrong tree – to direct and enquire and opposition at the wrong person.
  • At sizes and seventh – need in the confusion.
  • Beat around the bush – to go around the subject instead of coming childly.
  • Fight tooth and nail – fight with outmost ferocity.
  • Carrot and a stick – the hope of reward and the threat of punishment.
  • Carry coals to new castle – to do something unnecessary.
  • Cast a cloud over something – cause annoyance or unhappiness to someone.
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