'There is no place like home', write a story with this title.

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My last visit to Hat Yai gave me a different philosophy of life. I have visited many countries. My first visit was two days long. I couldn’t set myself for another day. Home, my sweet home called me back. So I believed there is no place like home.

Who knew that that visit would give me a newer tendency. I became tourist minded. I couldn’t feel comfort at home. I made another journey to India. The long drive, the nature with a grey sorrow of desolation, the simple folk – all gave me a different feeling for human beings. When I waded through the people in the busy streets of Kolkata, I learned to love people.

When aboard, people give much importance on that safety. I noticed that I felt comfort when I spend a night in a dormitory with 12 people sleeping on the two storied beds in Pataya beach. It was new year, so all the hotels were booked. At night, I saw the aisle of projecting feet. I heard the snoring and remembered the life of George Orwell when he spend a night in London in cheap.

I felt a strange charm there. I couldn’t think of my comfort, my privacy, my security or my personal life. The money matters, hatred of unknown people, taking their breath in, using the same toilet with multitude remembered me the life of pilgrims. People accept it as unknown people make them distasteful. Strange!

In the 31st night, I discovered me in another dimension. Thailand was always free from any foreign invasion. So English could not reach their culture in such a way. People for official purpose or for international demand are learning English. Their culture is still in Thai language. That night I enjoyed a very lively performance of jokes, songs, dance etc. I laughed a lot. I realized though it was in Thai language I felt every tickling of their words and expressions. It was my instinct and common feeler that gave me the meaning of their jokes, the rhythm of their music and expression of their laugh.

‘Home is where the heart is’ seems to be fading in me. I got much pleasure because I love them. When I leave the place, it calls me again and again. I also try to respond. At last, I come back home as a part of duty.

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