'Teenagers spend too much time on mobile phones and computer.' To what extent do you agree with this view?

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“Old order changeth, yielding place to new. And God fulfills himself in many ways,” Lord Tennyson told through King Arthur seeing the continuous changes in the society. This is natural that in ages there will be changes in the society and looking at them, people will raise questions. Here in modern times, looking at the behaviour of trends, one may ask this question: “What is the necessity of computer and mobile phones? Why are teenagers so much obsessed with them?”

Every age has its language and those are identical. Modern age has been the age of science and technology. And the noblest contribution from science is computer and its portable version is mobile phones. So they are seen busy with computer and mobiles phones. And people who bring about diversity in their life have added different programs, ways etc. They have invented ways and means to share their computers beyond the border of the countries. Now, the whole world is connected with each other.

The opportunity to share feelings and knowledge has been widened. So, young people are seemed busy with sharing.

First allegation against the teenagers is that they waste their time in computer and mobiles which are not true. The world has become wider and education as well as other trends is so much complicated. So a single source of knowledge is not enough to have good education. So, teenagers are often seen browsing internet for their education purpose. This can’t be addiction in any sense.

Next, people say that teenagers spend too much time on talking over mobile phones. This is also not always true. People of previous age had to travel to different destinations to meet their friends and by that process, they had to spend long hours. Here teenagers are simply saving their time. They are connected to each other in a greater extend. They are connected to a great number of degrees for greater productivity.

After that, teenagers are alleged to indulge in many anti-social activities. They spend too much time in social networking sites. I think they are maintaining a greater circle of friendship and making countless friends both from native and foreign countries.  This is good way to exchange cultures and share opinions with many people.

The statement of over using mobile phones and computers, although slightly true in few cases is been proven wrong at most. Only few are seen in misusing these devices but soon they are about to reach the correct path. 


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