'Schooldays are the best days of your life.' Explain

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When we entered the muddy path leaving the highway on the right, a swarm of children in their uniform were looking at the glass of my car curiously. They were school children, books under their arms with short pants and most of them bare footed - most identical Indian students. I saw myself among them,

It was about 12 years ago when my mother took me in her left hand a bag on my right trading this dusty road raising the summer dust behind. It was coming out on the strokes of our sandals. That day I came back home grown up keeping the cap frontside-back. The headmaster told my mother, 'This child will bring out a new era for our nation.' My mother looked at me beaming with pride.

The school taught us language, math, wooden work, geography and stitch work for the girls. Science was always dear to me, so I had a great demand in the friends. I fount that a good start on those days determines to find a genius science teacher, who would apply scientific methods in teaching. The result publishing was always a grand one where all the parents were called and the students with the highest position would be declared. I was always showered with owe and wonder.

Colourful glasses were in our eyes. We would expect more but act less. We spend most of the weekends with picnicking outside, roaming in the forest, stealing green mangoes and so on. Picking mangoes in the darkness was another important task we did.

We learned history when their school deliberated different games. The new years, Eid, the D day, national language day, independence day etc were seminars. Cultural development that enabled me have great achievements in national level. Its also sourced in my school days. Those were the best days in our life.

I found in my life that if I was not given the first good start in almost all the aspects of our life such as education, knowledge, morality, culture, religion etc. in a proper way, I think I would not be so social at present. I learned what real friendship of relation, familty tie, norms, course of life. My family was not so great to come at the newspaper so often but it really produced some soles those activity you'll find in the world records. I heard still my headmaster says, 'This boy will bring about a new era in our nation.'

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