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You are in hospital recovering from an operation. Your parents are away. You need to buy some personal items. You also need various books and notes for examination revision. You have some borrowed things which must be returned urgently.

Write a letter to a school friend, in which you explain what has happened; ask for help; give news about yourself and your family; ask for news of school and other friends; and add other details of interest to you both. Make your letter friendly and informative.

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Added by: Shawon, 2015-09-27

There has been an outbreak of food poisoning in your school. You, on behalf of the guardians, has been asked to write a letter to the people in authority complaining about their unsatisfactory food quality.

Title: Outbreak

134 Launcelot Road

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Imagine that your best friend is jealous because his or her younger brother or sister has been offered an excellent job. Your friend, however, who really wants a job, has not managed to get one.

Refer this points in your letter:
•   explain what jealousy to/give examples of it
•   talk about the dangers of jealousy and
•   give advice about what he or she should do to feel better.

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Added by: panon, 2015-09-18

Honourable speaker, banerated judges, teachers, fellow students and misguided students of opposition, good morning. Today we are going to start a good debate of much importance, that is “The motion – correct punctuation, spelling and grammar really matter.” Consequently, my stand is in the favour of the motion.

Honourable speaker, I want to draw your kind attraction onto one matter first why correct spelling and punctuation really matter. You know, these are used in written communication and communication is successful on right words properly with correct grammar. Honourable speaker, you can talk, emphasize or add notes while speaking and it ofcourse have a scope to reduce ambiquite. Sometimes if needed, you can explain a certain topic, words or phrases. But can you use these methods in writing? I believe certainly not. Pronunciation can make people understand the words but spelling mistakes will take from Turkey to Tourkey.

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Added by: Shawon, 2015-06-05

“Old order changeth, yielding place to new. And God fulfills himself in many ways,” Lord Tennyson told through King Arthur seeing the continuous changes in the society. This is natural that in ages there will be changes in the society and looking at them, people will raise questions. Here in modern times, looking at the behaviour of trends, one may ask this question: “What is the necessity of computer and mobile phones? Why are teenagers so much obsessed with them?”

Every age has its language and those are identical. Modern age has been the age of science and technology. And the noblest contribution from science is computer and its portable version is mobile phones. So they are seen busy with computer and mobiles phones. And people who bring about diversity in their life have added different programs, ways etc. They have invented ways and means to share their computers beyond the border of the countries. Now, the whole world is connected with each oth ... Read more »

Added by: Shawon, 2015-06-05

Apparently it is seemed that parents are the deciding factor of their children in all the ages. At an early age, they nurture them, in their puberty they are to educate them and teach them thoughts and motion, guide them in their teenage time and back them throughout their life. In this sense, parents are the constant companion for the children.

Teenage is an age when there are colourful glasses in the eyes of the teenagers. They cannot think wisely about many things. They run after the shiny mirage. But parents with their practical knowledge can hold the rain. And they are saved.

Next, teenagers most of the time as they are found, are of imaginative sort. They just imagine things and proceed for actions and reactions. They are highly dominated by emotions and feelings. But parents, with their reason and logic save the day. When the clouds of impression are lifted, they see the reality themselves.

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Added by: Shawon, 2015-06-05

A popular form of treatment from a disease namely apathy, the doctor always suggest to change the environment. So every year, I choose to travel to different places. Last time, I went to India and there I met a stranger.

The thought of a foreign land always consist of different landscape, way of life, dress code and geographical settings. But I didn't find any remarkable changes between this two countries. Because both are from the same stretch.

At seven past thirty, we reached Kolkata railway station. From there, we hired a taxi to New Market. This is one sixty rupee service. We did not look for a hotel rather we chose a motel.

We reached at the entrance of the motel Khonika, in English, "Temporary." I saw a stranger there curling at the side and when he saw me, he waved his tail. I just said, "Hello!"

"If you need anything just push the yellow button and you will find us at your service," said the housekeeper.

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Added by: Shawon, 2015-05-25

Technology has made a huge difference in all sides in this world. All of these things were intended to create a better, convenient, and comfortable life. And now we are enjoying it. By researches we found lots of side-effects that contribute the planet to destruction and thus many people admits to stop many use of devices. The answer to the question,” Has technology made world a better place to live?” will be discussed here.

Firstly, by means of vehicles, airplane, we are able to travel to place swiftly saving time, energy and money. Not only that, internet and smart phones let us to contact people over millions of distance miles as if we are face to face. This helps us in developing strong relationships with one another.

Secondly, Technology made life more comfortable. If we turn on an air-condition, we no longer feel the extreme high temperature or severe cold outside. This made a heaven inside a hell. Moreover, talking about an elevator, we can reach a ... Read more »

Added by: Shawon, 2015-04-22

The one or two most important hazards that the world is facing today are climate change, hunger, uncontrollable disease etc. Scientists are diligently working to remove all the hazards for a better world. But to me, a simple step can save a bigger stride.

Seminars after seminars are being held where scholars after scholars are placing their calls on inhabitable Earth. That is being created by constant collisions in different forms and sizes y different countries regardless their status or dignity in the world. All of them pointing towards the culprit mainly carbon – carbon dioxide, CFC, carbon monoxide and other compounds of carbon. They are being produced as a byproduct of our daily necessaries. Mills, factories and industries, vehicles, A.C. etc. are producing the alarming quantity of carbon. If the science is able to discover a contra-means to send it back through a reverse system it will surely stabilize the world climate.

Stability of climate will ultimate ... Read more »

Added by: Shawon, 2015-03-20

When the plane took its last run for takeoff, I noticed the flippers were not responding as I saw in my earlier flights. When an airport starts soaring up, time to time it flips its flippers to reduce the pressure but it was otherwise.

The hazards started this morning. When I reached Sydney airport with a one way ticket, the immigration officer refused me and declared that I must have a return ticket. I tried to explain that our team has to take part in two events in the current world cup cricket, Hamilton, New Zealand provided that they win the first match against New Zealand otherwise they will have to leave for Sydney for another match. So I couldn’t decide my return ticket. Still they wouldn’t listen. They insisted me to buy a ticket for any day. I was in a real fix. There is only an hour for the place to takeoff.

An officer came to me and listened to what I said. He managed a variable ticket for me which was vulnerable to change in exchange of 80 dol ... Read more »

Added by: Shawon, 2015-03-20

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