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Category: News

The Edexcel board with subject to feedbacks from learners, educators and subject experts around the world, has decided to update the current International GCSE qualifications.

A brief overview of this update is listed below:

1. New grading scale

Edexcel introduced a new grading scale 9 -1. Previously, with being only 8 grades, they added another higher level of attainment than the A*. This will create a greater differentiation among top level students, identify student’s potential and help in making a better choice for further study – A levels and university.

2. More up to date content

They wi...

Category: Composition Writing - English

You are in hospital recovering from an operation. Your parents are away. You need to buy some personal items. You also need various books and notes for examination revision. You have some borrowed things which must be returned urgently.

Write a letter to a school friend, in which you explain what has happened; ask for help; give news about yourself and your family; ask for news of school and other friends; and add other details of interest to you both. Make your letter friendly and informative.


Category: Composition Writing - English

There has been an outbreak of food poisoning in your school. You, on behalf of the guardians, has been asked to write a letter to the people in authority complaining about their unsatisfactory food quality.

Title: Outbreak

134 Launcelot Road


Category: Composition Writing - English

Imagine that your best friend is jealous because his or her younger brother or sister has been offered an excellent job. Your friend, however, who really wants a job, has not managed to get one.

Refer this points in your letter:
•   explain what jealousy to/give examples of it
•   talk about the dangers of jealousy and
•   give advice about what he or she should do to feel better.


Category: ICT

Few days back, a friend texted me for a help. He seemed very worried and requested, more like begged, before he even mentioned the cause. "I want you to hack a facebook account," he said. Reason? He wanted to revenge a girl, who as he says hacked his friend's account. Facepalm! I left the conversation there.

I will skip the matter of hacking, the matter of my concern is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the act of bullying in the internet by threatening using stolen personal information as bait, messaging slangs etc. just to embarrass the victim.  But, I am not afraid of the rise of these bullies, what I am afraid about is the stupid acts regarding the internet.

After bullying, the reactions from victims were never pleasing. In 2013, a 12 years old girl being bullied by 4 girls of age 15, committed suicide by jumping off a tower. In other places, we s...